Friday, 2 November 2012

Waggle Dance

Hey everyone, its Friday which can only mean good things, a nice rest from the busy and hectic week, but also a great chance and opportunity for a beer (or two lol). So here is today's beer post. Hope you all enjoy :-) !!!
Beer Name:
Waggle Dance
Wells & Youngs
Brewed and Bottled:
Wells & Young's Brewing Co. Ltd, 
Bedford, United Kingdom, 
MK40 4LU
Alcoholic Percentage:
5.0% Vol
Slight Bitterness, Refreshing, Citrus,
 Slight Sweetness, Slight hoppy after taste
Light Orange, Golden Honey
Citrus notes
General Thoughts:
Waggle Dance is a nice clean, crisp, refreshing beer that is nice on the palate and easy to drink. This is a smooth beer with a slight bitterness, however there is also a slight sweetness to the beer, due to the honey added. This beer leaves a slight hoppy after taste, however it is mellow and not over powering in the slightest. I would recommend drinking this beer on a nice hot summers day, however could be easily enjoyed anytime of the year. On the whole a pleasant, mellow, refreshing beer.

€2.79 ( Based on Dublin Tesco 27/10/2012)


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