Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Governor (Marco Pierre White)

Hey everyone, so today I have gone for a beer that is tied to a celebrity name. I wonder if this beer will be more name than substance? Hope you all enjoy :)

Beer Name:
The Governor (Marco Pierre White)
Brewed and Bottled:
J.W. Lees & Co Ltd,
Greengate Brewery, 
Middleton, Manchester, 
M24 2AX, United Kingdom.

Alcoholic Percentage:
4.1% Vol
Very Bitter, Bland, Dry, Taste of Iron
Amber, Dark Orange
Very Little Odour, Slight Iron

General Thoughts:
This is a very bitter beer that is extremly dry in taste. This beer also has very little flavour which is a real let down, it is actually very bland in flavour. There is nothing distinguishable about this beer , very disappointing. I was really hoping for a beer with deep flavours, nice hop aromas and full flavour, however I didn't get any of that. I wouldn't recommend this beer at all. I was very disappointed and was not worth the money it costs to buy. I have actually given this beer the lowest score I have given any beer. Unfortunately I think this beer has fallen to more name than substance.

€2.79 (based on a Dublin Tesco on the 06/11/2012)


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