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OK so its finally here The Friday Favorites. To introduce the thoughts behind this page I thought I would just explain it. I am very keen to provide an interactive experience for anyone that views this blog, this may come from obtaining information or reading reviews about Beer, but mainly I want people to be able to get involved in the blog themselves. This page will be a weekly update and interactive page which will have a different Friday Favourite each week. 

Friday 14th December:
Friday Favourite: Brewery of the Week

Hey Everyone, this week I wanted to focus on a brewery that brings us some outstanding beer and a brewery that I think should be celebrated. The brewery in question is an Irish Brewery really making a name for itself and bringing us fantastic beer.

My brewery of the week is the Eight Degrees Brewery.

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I have had a few of the beers that the eight degrees brewery have on offer and they are all fantastic beers. Everyone of the beers that you get from them has its own unique flavours but really pack a punch. They not only make great everyday beers, but also make a fantastic winter ale, "A Winters Ale", that I reviewed recently. 

Each beer that they brew has this sense of passion put into it and you can really tell that the guys down in Mitchelstown, really put their heart and soul into making great beer, and it really pays off.

Here are a list of the beers that the Eight Degrees Brewery currently have on offer:
  1. Howling Gale Ale 
  2. Sunburnt Irish Red
  3. Knockmealdown Porter
  4. Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner
  5. OchtoberFest (limited release)
  6. A Winters Ale
Each one of these beers as a distinctive, unique flavour, that I promise will not let you down. Two of which have featured in The Christmas Countdown hereClick on the beers in the list above to see the Genuine Beer Blogs review of the beer.

I really want to emphasise what a great brewery this is and I look forward to drinking their beer for years to come, I also look forward to any new beers that they will have on offer in the coming years.

Eight Degrees Brewing Company
Dublin Road, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Ireland


Friday 7th December:
Friday Favourite: Beer of the Week

Hey Everyone, sorry this weeks Friday Favorite is so late been a very busy weekend. OK so this week we have Beer Of the Week. The beer that I have chosen is A Winters Ale, this is one of the Christmas Countdown beers. 

This is another great beer from the Eight Degrees Brewery. You can find out more about them and their beers here.
Hope you enjoy !!!

Reasons for being Beer of the Week: The reason that I have picked this beer is down to its unique flavour and its deep, rich taste. I picked a beer from the Christmas Countdown as it was the best beer that I reviewed in the week. It also highlights a great Christmas beer that everyone should try on the run up to Christmas. This beer is smooth and slightly sweet. This beer is a really exciting beer and to me sums up everything that I look for in a Christmas beer. This beer has a nice spiced note, cinnamon being the prominent spicing, however there are other mulled spices that come to this beer as it starts to develop on your tongue. This is an outstanding beer for me and I gave it a 4 out of 5. The Eight Degrees brewery make a great range of beer and this definitely doesn't disappoint.  

Find the full beer review here


Friday 30th November:
Friday Favourite:A New Special Feature to Come
Hey everyone, this weeks Friday Favourite is going to be a little different, as December is here there will be a new Special Feature coming to the Genuine Beer Blog. This Special Feature will be here real soon so remember to keep checking out this page as "The Christmas Countdown" will be arriving real soon.

Hope all you readers out there are enjoying the blog and ready for the new Feature to come. You feedback is greatly welcomed and can be left here.

The new feature will also require involvement from you all, so I would love it if you all embrace whats about to arrive and get involved as much as you can.

Keep a look out for 


Friday 23rd November:
Friday Favourite: My Favourite Off Licence
Hey everyone, so this weeks Friday Favourite is looking at my favourite off licence and the reasons behind why I think it is such a great place. There are many off licences out there in Dublin, but very few of them cater for the more adventurous beer drinkers out there. The off licence that to me just stands out from the crowd is: 

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Probus Wines & Spirits of Dublin, 
1 Denzille Lane/26 Fenian Street, 
Dublin 2

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This off licence stands out for me for many reasons. I have been going to this establishment for a long time now and genuinely look forward to going as you just never know what new beers are going to be waiting there for you. The first thing that you get when you enter Probus Wines & Spirits is this warm welcoming feeling provided to you by the decor and shop layout. This is automatically inviting which makes you just want to go in and spend as long as you can in there. There is also seating available as they have now expanded to running a Deli style counter which offers a wide range of food to be enjoyed with or with out one of their great beers.
The second thing you are greeted by are the staff members that work there. They are all really friendly and have a great knowledge or beer as well as other alcoholic beverages. If you ever have a question about a beer etc, the staff will give you the answer that you require. I have never been disappointed when I go there and always leave with a great selection of beers to try and then review for this blog.

If you are ever looking for an off licence that offers a huge variety of beer and other beverages, this is the place to go. I would hugely recommend this place as I feel it is one of the best off licences that Dublin has to offer. If you would like to check them out a little more you can find their website details and other details above.

I hope you check them out, Don't forget to check out the other beer reviews on the blog here.



Beer Of The Week

OK so the beer of the week this week is Proper Job, from the St. Austell Brewery.
Find out more about the St. Austell Brewery here
This is a fantastic beer, one that is bursting with flavour, strong in hops and refreshing. 

Reasons for being Beer of the Week: The reason that I have picked this as my beer of the week is because it  is a fantastic beer that is so rich in flavour, that it makes you want to just keep drinking it. This beer will not disappoint anyone that tries it, so long as they enjoy a strong hopped Indian Pale Ale. If like me you are into your hop rich beers then this will be a perfect choice for you. It is at a reasonable price for something that tastes for good and comes in a 500ml bottle which is always a positive. This was the first beer that I gave full marks of 5 / 5 on and it really deserved it. I find it very difficult to give a beer a 5 as it really has to stand out from the crowd for me and this beer certainly did this. All in all this is a fantastic beer, bursting with flavour and moreish qualities making you want to go back for more and more.

Find the full beer review here

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