Saturday, 29 December 2012

Raging Bitch IPA !!!

Hey Everyone, Today's beer is all the way from the USA and the Flying Dog Brewery. I would also love it if you would all share your Christmas Experiences here. Hope you all enjoy !!!

Beer Name:
Raging Bitch IPA
Flying Dog Brewery
Brewed and Bottled:
Flying Dog Brewery

Alcoholic Percentage:
8.3% Vol
Strong Hops,Really Citrus, Slightly Sweet, refreshing, Smooth
Golden, Amber
Strong Hops, Light Citrus

General Thoughts:
Raging Bitch is a really delicious beer, deep, full flavours, everything that I look for in a great beer. This beer is really refreshing as well as having a slightly sweet, citrus note to it. There is a strong flavour of hops to this IPA also, which is something I really love in beer and this beer definitely doesn't disappoint. There is very little carbonation to this beer, but the most outstanding attribute of this beer is the well balanced flavour. You would expect a beer with an 8.3% abv to taste really alcoholic, however this beer doesn't at all, it is very well balanced and before you know it your looking for your next bottle. Raging Bitch also has a moreish quality to it, making you want to go back for more after every mouth full, which to me just makes it a fantastic beer. On the whole Raging Bitch was a huge surprise as it packs a real punch, yet is so well balanced. This is an outstanding beer and one that I would certainly recommend to everyone and would buy on a regular occasion. Great tasting, fantastic flavour, all round great beer. A big congratulations needs to go to the Flying Dog brewery, really great beer.

€2.50 - €3.50 (Based on Average Price)


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