Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clotworthy Dobbin

Hey Everyone, Its that time again, time for a beer review. Today's review is from Northern Ireland and the Whitewater Brewery, Hope you all enjoy !!!!

Beer Name:
Clotworthy Dobbin
Whitewater Brewery
Brewed and Bottled:
40 Tullyframe Road
Co. Down,
Northern Ireland,
BT34 4RZ

Alcoholic Percentage:
5.0% Vol
Strong Dark Chocolate, Slight Bitterness, Smooth, Deep
Dark Brown
Dark Chocolate, Yeast, Brown Bread

General Thoughts:
Clotworthy Dobbin is a really strong chocolate tasting beer, smooth, refreshing and really deep in flavour. This beer has the qualities of a Porter, however it is a lot lighter than you would get from a Porter. This was one of the surprising things for me, I really wasn't expecting a beer with the dark, rich qualities to be as light as this beer is. This beer is really rich and deep in roasted malt flavours, giving it that chocolate taste. Clotworthy Dobbin is a really interesting beer for me and one that I would recommend to everyone as a nice winter beer. The reason I say a winter beer is because it has that warming quality that I look for in a winter beer, something that makes you feel warm inside. This beer has very little carbonation, making it smooth and rich. I was blown away by the taste of chocolate and this makes it a really interesting drink. I would definitely advise giving this beer a try.   

€2.79 (Based on Average Price)


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