Sunday, 16 December 2012

Erdinger Dünkel

Hey Everyone, Today's beer is all the way from Germany, from the Erdinger Brewery. Hope you all enjoy !!!

Beer Name:
Erdinger Dünkel
Erdinger Weißbräu
Brewed and Bottled:
Franz-Brombach-Str. 1-20
85435 Erding

Alcoholic Percentage:
5.3% Vol
Slight Bitter, Roasted, Slight Sweetness, Smooth
Slight Coffee, Slight Malt, Slight Chocolate

General Thoughts:
Erdinger Dünkel is a brilliant beer, deep full flavours. This beer has a deep roasted malt taste, with hints of slight coffee and chocolate. This beer starts off with a bitter note, which slowly moves across the tongue and develops into a nice sweetness. This is also a really smooth beer, with very little carbonation, making it a easy drinking beer. Erdinger Dünkel is also a very refreshing beer, that has a moreish quality to it, making you want to go back for more and more, which to me is a great quality in a beer. This is also a bottle conditioned wheat beer, so there will be a slight sediment in the bottom of the bottle. This is a really delicious beer, that I would highly recommend to anyone that enjoys a deep, full flavoured beer, with a moreish, warming quality to it. I really enjoyed this beer and would recommend people give it a try.

€2.69 (Based on Average Price)


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