Monday, 3 December 2012

A Winters Ale

Hey Everyone, so here is the first Christmas Countdown Post.
I thought I would start off with a nice Christmas Beer Review. Winter is one of my favourite times for beer as breweries get creative and produce some amazing deep, full flavoured beers. It is also a time when the breweries add extra spices and interesting flavours to the beers. 

The first beer in the Twelve Beers of Christmas is from the Eight Degrees Brewery. I hope you enjoy : ) !!!

Beer Name:
A Winters Ale
Eight Degrees
Brewed and Bottled:
Eight Degrees Brewing
Company LTD,
Dublin Road,

Alcoholic Percentage:
7.0% Vol
Cinnamon, Smooth, Slight Bitterness, Sweet, Mulled Spices, Refreshing
Reddy, Light Brown
Cinnamon, Mixed Spices

General Thoughts:
A Winters Ale is a very interesting beer, smooth and full flavoured. The first thing that you get with this beer is a taste of cinnamon. If you are not a fan of Cinnamon, then this is not a beer for you as it is quite a prominent flavour of the beer. Once you get passed the cinnamon it moves on to a more rounded mulled spice flavour. It has a kind of mulled wine flavour to it, something that is iconic with Christmas. This is also a very refreshing beer, which surprisingly doesn't taste overly alcoholic considering its 7% ABV strength. A Winters Ale is a very nice beer that is very seasonal and fits perfectly in the Winter beer theme. This beer is very different to what I was expecting. I was expecting a much heavier beer and an overpowering alcoholic taste due to its strength, but it really is the opposite, light and refreshing. This beer is also well balanced and not over spiced. I felt this was a perfect beer to start the 12 beers of Christmas off with as it to me, sums up all the flavours of Christmas and I would highly recommend this beer to all.   

€2 - €4 (Average Price, Probus Wines & Spirits 23/11/12)


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