Thursday, 6 December 2012

London Gold

Hey Everyone, so its nearly Friday which is great news, Tonight's review is all the way from London and the Young's Brewery. Hope you enjoy !!!

Beer Name:
London Gold
Brewed and Bottled:
Young's Brewing Company
MK40 4LU
United Kingdom

Alcoholic Percentage:
4.8% Vol
Slight Sweetness, Slight Citrus, Slight Yeast, Hops, Slight Bitter After Taste
Light Golden, Amber
Slight Citrus, Slight Hops

General Thoughts:
London Gold is a great, really refreshing beer. This beer has a great citrus note to it, taste of lemons or grapefruit. There is a slight bitterness to this beer, but its not overly bitter and it goes from being bitter to a slight sweet note. There is medium carbonation on this beer, which makes it an easy to drink beer. This is also a very smooth beer, which will leave you refreshed and thirst quenched. London Gold is a beer that you could drink a good few of. You wouldn't get overly bloated and it leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. This is a really well balanced beer which is a great thing to get in a beer. This is a bottle conditioned beer which means there is slight sediment in the bottom of the bottle so be sure to leave that in the bottle. I was very impressed with this beer and would highly recommend this beer to all my readers. If your looking for a great, refreshing beer that you could drink at any time of the day or year this is the beer for you : ) !!! 

€2.69 (Based on Average Price)


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