Friday, 14 December 2012

Howling Gale Ale !!!

Hey Everyone, Apologies for no post yesterday it was Christmas Meal Day, but i'm back today with beer 3 of 12 beers of Christmas. Today's beer is not strictly a seasonal beer, however I feel it really fits the bill for Christmas. I hope you all enjoy !!! 

Beer Name:
Howling Gale Ale
Eight Degrees Brewing
Brewed and Bottled:
Eight Degrees Brewing Company,
Dublin Road,

Alcoholic Percentage:
5.0% Vol
Slight Bitterness, Hops, Full Flavoured, Refreshing
Light Orange, Golden
Slight Hops

General Thoughts:
Howling Gale Ale is a very nice, deep, full flavoured beer. This beer has a great warming quality to it, which is why I feel it is perfect as a winter / Christmas beer. The main thing I look for in seasonal beer, is its deep warming quality, something that makes you feel warm in the cold nights, this beer hits that spot. This is also a very refreshing beer, which will make you want to drink more and more of it, which is always a positive. There is an overall nice taste of hops to this beer also which to me is fundamental. Howling Gale Ale has a slight bitter after taste, coming in from the hops, this makes for a perfect drink in my eyes. On the whole Howling Gale Ale is a really refreshing, deep, full flavored beer, with all the winter qualities I look for in a seasonal, winter beer. I really cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with the Eight Degrees Brewery. I have not had one beer that I do not like from them, but the thing that stands out most about this brewery is the fact that all of their beers are different, yet all have this deep flavour to them. The Eight Degrees brewery is a real favourite of mine and I really recommend them highly. The only downside of this beer for me is that it doesn't come in a 500ml bottle. 

€2 - €3 (Average Price)


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