Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Christmas Countdown Arrives !!!!

Hey Everyone, So tonight's post is going to be an introduction to a New Special Feature on the Genuine Beer Blog. December is now here, which means the cold winter nights are arriving thick and fast, as well as the Christmas Shopping and the major preparations that go into Christmas. The new special feature is called


The concept of this special feature is to talk about all things Christmas and the preparations that you will all be putting in place for the festivities to come. This feature will include a whole host of different blog posts ranging from

  • The 12 Beers of Christmas
  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Reviews on the best places to go over the Christmas Period

As well as a whole lot more. Now the other main thing that I would like to get out of this new feature is all of my readers input. I want to know all about

  • Your Favourite Xmas Beers
  • Your Favourite things to do over the Xmas Period
  • Your Favourite Places to go
  • Your suggestions of places to go and things to do
  • Tell us all how your Xmas preparations are going or if there is any advise that you would like
  • Your Festive Pictures

It would be so good to try and get all of the readers of the Genuine Beer Blog talking about their individual experiences of Christmas and sharing them with each other. Now this will only work if you all get involved so don't be shy.

For all of your Xmas / Wintry Pictures please send them to
Put your Name and a Description of the picture and I will share them all with the rest of the Readers of this blog. 

For you suggestions you can either leave them in the comments section of the post or fill in the beer suggestion form that can be found here.

I hope your all as excited for Christmas as I am and want to share that with us all, I look forward to hearing from you all


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