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The Christmas Countdown: Yorkshire Ale - Gift Idea #2 !!!

Hey Everyone, So today its back to the Christmas Countdown, Christmas is nearly upon us and you may still have a few little gifts that you want to get for a Beer Lover out there. I want to introduce you all to a great site and great company, Yorkshire Ales. If you are looking for a company that puts huge amounts of passion into their craft and produce then this is the site for you. Yorkshire Ales specialise in locality, all of the produce and beer that they sell on their site comes from the local area. 

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This post is to introduce you to a few of the products that Yorkshire Ales have on offer for Christmas that would act as perfect gifts.

The Beer
So to kick off this post I thought I would introduce some of the beers that Yorkshire Ales have on offer. They offer a huge variety of beer, so I thought I would focus on just a few that are perfect for Christmas. These Beers are seasonal and all come from the surrounding area to the brewery. This is the key philosophy of Yorkshire Ales. They keep all of their beer and produce local, which for me makes this company so much more appealing. I am a huge fan of making the most of your surroundings and the fact that all of the produce and beer is local is a huge plus for me.

Here is a list of some of the seasonal Ales / Beers that Yorkshire Ales have on offer to buy.

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  1. Bridestones: Winter Warmer. This beer comes from the Bridestone Brewery, located in Hebden Bridge. This  beer comes in a 500ml Bottle and is priced at £3.00. 
  2. Great Newsome: Winter WarmthThis beer comes from the Great Newsome Brewery, located in Hull. This  beer comes in a 500ml Bottle and is priced at £2.50. 
  3. Yorkshire Dales: Jingle PotThis beer comes from the Yorkshire Dales Brewery, located in Askrigg. This  beer comes in a 500ml Bottle and is priced at £2.60. 
  4. Yorkshire Dales: Silent Night This beer comes from the Yorkshire Dales Brewery, located in Askrigg. This  beer comes in a 500ml Bottle and is priced at £2.60. 

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You can click on the links above and it will take you to the Beer Shop where you can buy the beer you've clicked on.

Other Gift Ideas

Yorkshire Ales also offer a large variety of other produce which is also all local and from the surrounding area, making it have that personal feel.

Here are a few of these other gifts ideas:
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  1. Cherry Brandy: Cost: £16.95
  2. Chocolate Snowman: White Chocolate, Cost: £6.50
  3. Festive Plum Chutney: Cost £2.25
  4. Sloe Gin: Cost: £16.95
  5. Tankards: Cost: Half Pint £10.00, Pint: £15.00

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For more information on the above products just click on the link that you wish to view. All of these products are handmade and have the personal touch to them, which makes them perfect for a Christmas Present.

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Yorkshire Ale is a fantastic site and company that offers a wide variety of beer and other produce, that will cater for a wide selection of customers. The best thing about Yorkshire Ales for me is the personal touch. You really get the sense that a lot of time and passion goes into this business and in making sure that the customer gets the best products available to them. The other great thing about Yorkshire Ale is the use of their surroundings, they make great use of all of the options that are available to them in all areas of Yorkshire. I also have to say just how friendly and helpful the staff are at Yorkshire Ale. From my dealings with them, they have been nothing but helpful and gone above and beyond to provide a great service. On the whole Yorkshire Ale is a fantastic company and site that is not to be missed.

Looking for that perfect stocking filler or present for the beer lover then look no further, Yorkshire Ale is the place to go !!! 

Yorkshire Ale


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