Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Thwaites IPA

Hey everyone, so today I am looking at an IPA. I am a big fan of IPA's as they have such a defined flavour. Hope you all enjoy : ) 

Beer Name:
Thwaites IPA
Thwaites Brewery
Brewed and Bottled:
Thwaites Brewery,
United Kingdom,

Alcoholic Percentage:
4.6% Vol
Bitter, Earthy, Strong Hops, Dry, Really Bitter After Taste
Amber, Golden, Light Brown
Slight Hops, Slight Citrus

General Thoughts:

Thwaites IPA is a very hoppy, bitter beer. This is also a very dry beer, not much of a sweetness at all. It leaves you with a bitter, astringent after taste. This is however quite a smooth beer, medium carbonation. This beer has a very deep hops flavour as you would expect from an IPA, so this beer doesn't let you down on that front. Taking this into consideration this would not be a beer for someone that is not used to the deep, bitter flavours that the hops provide, or someone that is into a sweeter flavoured beer. As I have said above this is a very bitter beer and if I'm honest not my favourite IPA. I would buy this beer again, however it wouldn't be my first choice IPA

€2.99 (based on a Dublin Tesco on the 11/11/2012)


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