Monday, 12 November 2012

Proper Job

Hey everyone, so today's post is on a great little Cornish beer. I hope you all enjoy : ) 

Beer Name:
Proper Job
St. Austell
Brewed and Bottled:
63 Trevarthian Road,
St. Austell
PL25 4BY
United Kingdom

Alcoholic Percentage:
5.5% Vol
Strong Hops, Bitter, Full Flavoured, Refreshing.
Golden, Honey, Light Brown.
Strong Hops

General Thoughts:

Proper Job is a fantastic, full flavoured beer. This beer is deep and rich in hop flavour. This beer packs a real punch in flavour and if your looking for a full bodied beer with bags of flavour and a moreish quality, this is most definitely the beer for you. This is also a very smooth beer, not overly carbonated. This beer really stands out from the crowd and is unique in its flavour and taste. I have given this beer the highest score I have given to any beer so far, the complete opposite to yesterdays post. This is an outstanding beer, that is so worth the money that you pay for it. I cannot praise this beer enough. A truly amazing beer, Congrats to St. Austell Brewery.
€2.99 (based on a Dublin Tesco on the 11/11/2012)


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