Sunday, 4 November 2012

Torpedo Extra IPA

Hey everyone so its Sunday nearly Monday :( which means the weekend is nearly over, however this doesn't mean the fun has to end, so here is a beer all the way from the USA, hope you all enjoy :)
Beer Name:
Torpedo Extra IPA
Sierra Nevada
Brewed and Bottled:
Sierra Nevada, Chico, CA, USA
Alcoholic Percentage:
7.2% Vol
Hops, Bitter, Smooth, Full Flavoured, 
Bitter After Taste
Honey, Golden Orange/Brown
Citrus, Slight Hops, Slight Floral Note
General Thoughts:

Torpedo Extra IPA is a full bodied, full flavoured beer. This beer is rich in Hops, however it doesn't come across as over powering. The impressing thing about this beer is that there is a real balance between bitterness and sweetness, even though there is a real strong hops taste. The other major surprise is that this beer doesn't taste overly strong considering its strength, it is a real delight to drink. I would highly recommend this beer, a really nice, balanced beer with the strength subtly behind it all, brilliant. It really packs a punch in flavour but not overpowering in strength.

€3.00(Based on Drink Store 02/11/2012)


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