Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rebel Red

Hey Guys and Girls, hope your all doing well and enjoying the blog. Today I have gone for an Irish Brewery. Hope you all enjoy :) !!!

Beer Name:
Rebel Red
Franciscan Well Brewery
Brewed and Bottled:
Franciscan Well Brewery
Cork City,

Alcoholic Percentage:
4.3% Vol
Slight Bitter, Slight Hops, Smooth, Refreshing, Crisp
Red Hint, Light Brown
Slight Malt, Slight Hops

General Thoughts:
Rebel Red is a nice crisp beer, smooth in texture. This beer starts of with a slight sweetness and then goes into a little bitterness, characteristically of the hops in the beer. This is also a nice refreshing beer. Rebel Red is a mellow tasting beer, with subtle flavours, rather than a full flavoured beer that really packs a punch. The overall flavour of this beer is great but not as full flavoured as other Red beers that I have tried in the past. I am as I have said before, someone that looks for a beer with rich, deep, full flavours that make you want to dive back into them, unfortunately this doesn't do that for me. However I do want to make it clear this is a nice beer, its not a bad beer at all, in fact it would be perfect for someone that isn't a huge fan of Hops. On the whole I think that Rebel Red is a nice, mellow, subtle flavoured beer, that you will find refreshing and crisp.  

€3 - €4 (Average Price, Probus Wines & Spirits 23/11/12)


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