Sunday, 25 November 2012

Anchor Steam Beer

Hey Everyone, so today the beer that I am reviewing is a beer all the way from California, Hope you all enjoy !!! 

Beer Name:
Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Brewing Company
Brewed and Bottled:
Anchor Brewing Company
San Francisco

Alcoholic Percentage:
4.8% Vol
Light, Smooth, Slight Sweetness, Slight Bitter After Taste, Refreshing
Amber, Dark Orange
Slight Hops

General Thoughts:
Anchor Steam Beer is a light, refreshing beer, which has a larger like quality to it. It is a very smooth beer, with little carbonation, just enough to give it that light larger feel. The first taste you get from this beer is a slight sweetness, which is then followed by a slight bitterness on the side of your tongue. This is very mellow and not overpowering in the slightest. The only thing for me is that this beer doesn't really stand out from the crowd. It is a nice beer, however it doesn't have any outstanding flavour that makes it memorable, which is a shame. On the whole a nice refreshing beer that would be enjoyable on a hot summers day, however if your looking for something that packs a real punch this isn't going to be for you. 

€2.00 - €4.00 (based on an average price)


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