Sunday, 6 January 2013

#9 Not Quite Pale Ale !!!

Hey Everyone, Sorry there hasn't been a post in a couple of days, it was my Birthday and was out celebrating this weekend, however I am now back and bring you a really interesting beer review this evening, I hope you all enjoy :) !!!

Beer Name:
#9 Not Quite Pale Ale
The Magic Hat Brewing Company
Brewed and Bottled:
The Magic Hat Brewing Company,
New York,

Alcoholic Percentage:
5.1% Vol
Slight Hops, Fruity, Peaches / Apricots, Smooth
Dark Orange
Slight Hops, Slight Citrus

General Thoughts:
#9 Not Quite Pale Ale is a really interesting beer. This beer is a really light, refreshing beer, with a distinguishable fruity flavour to it. There is a real taste of Apricots / Peaches to this beer, which you may think is an odd and somewhat distracting flavour to a beer, however it is subtle enough that it doesn't detract from the actual beer flavour from the hops and malt. If you think you wont like it because I have said Apricot / Peaches, honestly give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised with this beer. This is also a nice smooth beer, with little carbonation. One of the best things about this beer is the refreshing quality that it has, this would be a perfect summer beer. #9 Not Quite Pale Ale is a really unique and different beer, something that will surprise you, it is an easy drinking beer, one that you could keep going back to. This beer is not overpowering in anyway and has a nice mid range 5.1% ABV, which is great. On the whole this is a really interesting, great, full flavoured beer, that will really surprise your taste buds on that first sip. I was really surprised with this beer, it wasn't what I was expecting and i'm really happy for the surprise. I would recommend this beer to everyone as a beer that would be enjoyed on a hot summers day.  

€2.50 - €3.50 (Based on Average Price)


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